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Beddington Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) Permit Variation

20 July 2023

The South London Waste Partnership (SLWP) understands that the Environment Agency (EA) is ‘minded to issue’ (plans to approve) a variation to the Permit for the Beddington Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) that will allow the facility’s operator, Viridor, to treat 10% more waste at the plant. 

The EA has confirmed that it will now launch a second stage, six-week consultation starting Friday 21 July 2023 in which they will explain how they have reached their decision and provide a response to any concerns raised in the first round of consultation. The documents and feedback form will be accessible via the EA’s consultation hub: 

A spokesperson for the SLWP said:

“We have made our position on Viridor’s application to treat more waste at the Beddington ERF very clear: we strongly object to it. During the EA’s first round of consultation, the four SLWP boroughs issued a joint response setting out a number of concerns. We will carefully review the EA’s response to the concerns raised by us and others, and will issue a further statement in due course.”

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