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What’s the link between a cow and your recycling service?

26 September 2019

What’s the link between a cow and your recycling service? How is food waste used to generate electricity? How is your mixed recycling (plastics, glass, cans and cartons) sorted into separate piles? Where is your paper and card taken and what’s it turned into?

Residents living in the four south London boroughs of Croydon, Kingston, Merton and Sutton can have these and many more recycling-related questions answered by watching a short film launched this week (Recycle Week 2019) by the South London Waste Partnership.

‘Destination Recycling’ takes viewers on a five-minute tour of what happens to their recycling after it’s been collected from the doorstep. The film also explains where non-recyclable rubbish is taken and how it’s disposed of. Four shorter versions of the film, each focusing on one type of recycling, are available for people short on time. The films can be viewed at

Councillor Stuart Collins, Chair of the South London Waste Partnership Joint Committee, said: 

“Recycling is on the rise in our region. It won’t be long before all four South London Waste Partnership boroughs are recycling more than we throw away. That is really great news, and it’s thanks to the hard work and commitment of local residents. It is vital that our residents are confident that their efforts are worthwhile and that everything they sort out for recycling is handled responsibly. These new Destination Recycling films show just how much care and effort is put into ensuring that we treat recycling with the respect it deserves.”

The films can be viewed at


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